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Just got bored... :iconkiichigoshiro:kiichigoShiro 5 0 School work! :iconkiichigoshiro:kiichigoShiro 6 0 Nightly necromancer :iconkiichigoshiro:kiichigoShiro 6 4 Kuro Konto! :iconkiichigoshiro:kiichigoShiro 5 3 Renchi Shiro-Kuro Konto(read desc) :iconkiichigoshiro:kiichigoShiro 4 3 Neko girl :iconkiichigoshiro:kiichigoShiro 8 8 50 WATCHERS! :iconkiichigoshiro:kiichigoShiro 7 0 Don't wear masks! :iconkiichigoshiro:kiichigoShiro 10 31 IM BACK!!! :iconkiichigoshiro:kiichigoShiro 7 8 Yuki Hoshi!! :iconkiichigoshiro:kiichigoShiro 12 6 Cosmo E. Mire(Art Trade) :iconkiichigoshiro:kiichigoShiro 8 2 Yuki Hoshi(remake)! :iconkiichigoshiro:kiichigoShiro 5 5 Kanako Yasaki(challenge) :iconkiichigoshiro:kiichigoShiro 8 24 Quick sketch(so tired) :iconkiichigoshiro:kiichigoShiro 3 10 MERRY CHRISTMAS(check desc) :iconkiichigoshiro:kiichigoShiro 7 21 Pose practice :iconkiichigoshiro:kiichigoShiro 5 0


Untitled :iconroots-of-the-heart:Roots-of-the-Heart 8 2 Snowing :iconjourd4n:Jourd4n 25 15 Peri :iconixjackiexx:ixJackiexx 94 20 The Promise (practice for comic) :iconkodokuart:KoDoKuArt 17 16 Naru - Fun :iconthorushidoteki:ThoruShidoteki 4 3 Mashiro Moritaka - PCP :iconthorushidoteki:ThoruShidoteki 4 3 Technologic Bunny :iconroots-of-the-heart:Roots-of-the-Heart 11 8 Shigure :iconaoiogataartist:AoiOgataArtist 486 32 Beautiful Reaper [Contest Entry] :iconamaishi93:AmaiShi93 20 15 Rare Water Kasha Adopt {CLOSED} :iconoslobondevik:OsloBondevik 16 73 This is a guy :iconjourd4n:Jourd4n 13 14 eats your heart out NOMnom :iconixjackiexx:ixJackiexx 78 15 Saber :iconaoiogataartist:AoiOgataArtist 432 9 Kyle :icongin-chan-comic:Gin-chan-comic 10 7 Sachi doodles :iconsumiakita:SumiAkita 12 7 No Break [Got Lot Work To Do] :iconkodokuart:KoDoKuArt 20 3


School work!
Welp I finally got into art foundations class and computers in art and this is part of the first project we are suppose to do!
Nightly necromancer
My little undead summoner 😁 took me a while to draw the skeleton but it was fun hope u guys enjoy❤
Kuro Konto!
Welp I could have done better welp I guess I'm happy with the way it turned out and I hope u guys like it 2 😁
Renchi Shiro-Kuro Konto(read desc)
Welp Srry that I've been gone a long time finally back and done a lot of rethinking on rouge born I decided to change renchi's name cause it's to modern for the time period in thinking of XD welp work In progress I guess! Welp hope I enjoy 😁
The land of the rouges also know as Rhigomma a peaceful land. But in the beginning when humans where finally starting to learn the ways of magic two people one names Akihiko Shiro and Akuma Kuro the biggest of opposites,but the best of friend. Both heirs to their great clans the two seeked to join as one but a mysterious event plunged the world into war with the Shiro clan and the Kuro clan at the top. During this time the legendary powers where found for those who have full master over light magic they unlocked the visual prowess called Kurotengoku and those who controlled dark magic had kurojigoku but only Akihiko Shiro could unlock Kurotengoku and only Akuma Kuro could u lock Kurojigoku. As the two fought the final battle came after years of fighting the once best friends battles to the death and Akuma Kuro died that day leaving Akihiko morning over his dead friend as the Shiro clan thrived the Kuro clan died slowly as Akihiko tried to help the Kuro clan they refused. They created a system to determine what you would be if you devoted your life to being a rouge a person who fight the demons of the dungeon. Dungeons are magical places filled with demons and magic the rank of demons and dungeons is rank 10-1 the lower the number the stronger. In the kingdom of rhigomma the thousand of years after when the world was at peace the demon event happened. The Shiro clan was destroyed but during that time eight rank 1 rouges stepped forward and sealed the demon in a host and the rouges died little after the demon earned the name demon king and the accident was named the Shiro demise no one really knows what happened that night. Only few know about what happened to the demon king and now the story unfolds..........................................
Rouges: the concept and jobs are similar to the jobs of shinobi(if u watched naruto u know what I mean)
Kurotengoku: Kuro means black and tengoku means heaven: this visual prowess grants the user the power to grasp the concept of any magic they see almost instantly and use it to stop or negate most magic having the most affect on dark magic. Those with more control can unlock their own hidden abilities that are unknown. This is the only thing that can negate the the power of Kurojigoku
Kurojigoku: Kuro meaning black and jigoku meaning hell:grasping the same concepts as Kurotengoku it can also summon the dead and shadows. It must be around shadows to use. It can also cast strong illusions on one or more people
And the rest..... the rest is your mystery to find


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United States
My names KiichigoShiro but u can all call me kii-kun! Welp I've been drawing for about 3 years but only spent 2 years developing my own anime style so far. I hope I can keep drawing with all you amazing and inspiration deviants out there 😄. I hope to make a lot of friend along the way including you! I'm gonna cultivate my style to the fullest, AND ILL NEVER GIVE UP! AND I HOPE YOU DON'T EITHER! FOLLOW YOUR PASSIONS AND MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!!! its been a blast now get out of my terrible bio! Grab a pencil and paper and start drawing cause i know I will!❤️


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pearlrange Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for the watch!! It means a lot to me and I really appreciate it! :)
kiichigoShiro Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Np 😄
jhasthedeathnote Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2017
Happy birthday!! Wish ya all the best ^^
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Thank u 😄
xRenaix Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2016  Student Digital Artist
FYI, That person you've been commenting on- OmbrePassion- What she does is put anime pictures into a pencil filters and pass them off as her own works. I even know what website she's using- If you put the original of any of her drawings in there it puts out the exact same picture. The same sketch lines and everything- Here's one I did as an example:… 
kiichigoShiro Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
😦I can't believe it 👎🏿 someone must stop her...
xRenaix Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Me and a few others have been trying to reach out to her, but she's blocked me and continues to hide comments that point it out.
The only thing I can do is inform those that post on her work, and hope maybe someone will get through to her.
kiichigoShiro Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hm ok
Galexy-Cat Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Love your traditional art, it is really nice ^^
kiichigoShiro Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank u 😷!!
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